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How to Plan Summer Travel with an EV

Electric vehicles (EVs) change everything, and that includes your summer travel plans. Because gas stations are almost everywhere, it’s relatively easy to travel in an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. When you travel with an EV, though, you must be more meticulous with your planning as chargers can become more difficult to find outside urban

Why Hotels Are Essential to This Year’s Summer EV Travel

The summer travel season is upon us and that means millions of Americans hitting the road for a good old American roadtrip. Every year, even more of these trips are taken by electric vehicles (EVs), as people continue making the switch. By 2030, McKinsey even predicts that there will be as many as 48 million

Considerations for Fleet EV Take Home Vehicles and Charging

For many businesses, electric vehicles are an opportunity to save money on company cars and boost corporate image. Not only are EVs cheaper to maintain, but with home and commercial chargers, fleet managers can save thousands on fuel costs. If you’re considering electrifying your take-home fleet, here are a few questions to plan now.  How

How to Answer Top EV FAQs This Season at Your Dealership

It’s a new car-buying season and many new car buyers want to take advantage of the federal government’s electric vehicle tax incentives. With many customers considering their first EV, it’s up to the dealership sales representatives to answer questions and address knowledge gaps about this new technology. To help, we have compiled some of the most common

Why EV Charging is the Missing Puzzle Piece for Retailers

Parking spots are getting a makeover thanks to the rise of electric vehicles. Now parking lots and parking garages are a place where EV drivers charge while shopping and running errands. With a new shopping season beginning, now is the ideal time for big box retail stores, shopping malls, and other retail locations to survey

EV Charger Manufacturing in the US… Why Does It Matter?

The White House recently implemented rules for various federal funding opportunities requiring companies to be Buy America compliant. The EV charging industry is no different. The Buy America standards require that all steel and iron incorporated into a project must be produced in the United States. The assembly and manufacturing processes of products, including EV