Blink Charging Acquires EB Charging Overseas, Marking its First Entry into the UK Market

Blink Charging announced that its European subsidiary, Blink Holdings BV, has acquired Electric Blue Ltd. Which is better known as EB Charging based in the UK. In addition to Blink’s first entry into the UK, the acquisition marks Blink’s global expansion. Which now includes over eighteen countries.

Having been founded in 2015, EB Charging has a footprint of Level 2 and DC fast chargers. Across 40 municipalities in the UK.

As part of the acquisition, EB Charging will continue under its current brand and further its existing strategy. But at a significantly increased pace. According to Blink’s CEO, it will expand EB Charging’s product offerings in the UK as well. This will include commercial and home chargers. As well as, global network services and apps, and new EV fleet management tools.

Blink’s first entry into the UK with the acquisition of EB Charging marks Blink’s global expansion which now includes over eighteen countries. Click To Tweet

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